Hi, idk where to ask so I’ll ask here. Is my friend being scammed in forex trading? via /r/wallstreetbets #stocks #wallstreetbets #investing

Hi, idk where to ask so I’ll ask here. Is my friend being scammed in forex trading?

My friends recently signed up to be in a group of other people who they pay roughly £150 each month to be a part of. Getting tips, advice and how to trade etc. She doesn’t pay anything now because she recruited two other people so for her it’s free each month. Is this a scam? She’s a nice person and if she knew this was a a scam she would never do it, plus the two other people she recruited are her friends.

She told me that she’s doing forex trading, compounding her £200 account each week by about 10% and in a year she’ll make 25k. Is this all real? I want to help her if it’s a scam.

But what I was thinking is that, if someone is so successful in forex trading, why would they go out of their way to create a course to help other people get rich too? Wouldn’t they just want to get rich and live their own lives? Why create a hassle. If it was me, I’d just do it myself and not have create a course because that’s literally having 2 jobs instead of one.

Is it a scam? UK, manchester

“If you compounded your account, starting from a balance of £200 and gaining 10% each week, by the end of the year you’d have £25,000 lol. Nah we don’t pay them directly. But the platform itself there is a joining fee obv and a monthly fee to be there. Also with anything, with education it’s really about investing in it but the skillset will more help you in the long run. Be wary of things that are free on the internet about trading, there’s a reason why they’re free. The market is designed to take peoples’ money and if the majority are using google/YouTube and finding that they’re constantly losing. Isn’t there a reason why?

There are ways to make that free for yourself though.”

This is what she told me.

——- I knows there’s a lot of replies already, so pls don’t be afraid to comment incase I won’t read it because I read all comments —- because I want to help my friends

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