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Got yelled at work today

I am currently working from home as a financial analyst at a small boutique investment firm due to COVID. My day-to-day consists of financial forecasting, balancing budgets and conducting various market analyses – so a pretty boring job to say the least.

I used to be a diligent, focused worker, but ever since COVID hit and the new era of work from home sprung to life, I decided to take another day job: day-trading, which also coincidentally involves looking at numbers. However, this made me pay less and less attention to my analyst practice and instead, made me gravitate towards where the REAL finance practice is.

Anyways, today, I was supposed to produce a performance report consisting of our company’s EBIT, but I accidentally overwrote our current period’s EBIT with the price of the stock I was looking at. I sent this report out to the entire organization and my VP was the first to catch this error. She pretty much asked me if I was stupid in the nicest way possible. She, then, probably spoke to my one-up afterwards because he called me up and started yelling at me over the phone. This turned out to be a huge learning experience for me.

Moral of story: 1. If you’re day-trading while you have another work from home job, day-trading is higher priority so learn to accept the inevitable consequences from your employer in the event of a fuck-up. 2. Short the company you’re working for.

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