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GME shareholders – We need to all become activist investors

I love Cohen and Burry as much as any of u idiots but let’s face it they’re more patient and much less leveraged than I am and if this short squeeze doesn’t happen by January i’m absolutely fucked. Judging by some of ur positions a lot of us are in the same boat. So what can we do to get the party started? This is a brainstorming session so all ideas are equally valid, i’ll start

1) volunteer at my local gamestop. I’m pretty sure the motivation of either being absolutely broke or having life changing money will motivate me to work as hard as a good 3 or 4 underpaid kids

2) advertising, i’m already starting low key with some Michael Burry style DD on tik tok, asking questions about where people would likely shop for games. I’m planting the seed and trying to figure out how to water it, i also downloaded and highly rated gamestop’s app on the app store (i gave full disclosure that i was levered to my eyeballs and absolutely fucked if gamestop share price didn’t double in 2 months, anyways apple never approved my review)

3) ???

Burry and Cohen got us to the goal line but it’s gonna take our collective idiocy to drive this piece of shit meme to the moon, i believe in us WSB leggoo 🚀🚀🚀🤑🤑🤑

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