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GME – Let the games begin

I just wanna start off by saying, it's no coincidence that this news came yesterday – on RELEASE DAY which also happens to be the day when short interest data was to be released. That's what you call execution chef kiss.

Yes, this is only the beginning. The console cycle begins has just begun and GameStop is the largest retailer of games and consoles in the world, with over 5,500 stores worldwide in 14 countries [1]. This cycle will lasts (at least 5) years, as all have previously. GME's pivot to e-commerce combined with an entry into the gaming equipment market will be the defining edge for GameStop.

GameStop. The only place you know will have whatever gaming-related item you want – with same day delivery in many locations. This is where GameStop is headed.

Most of you will already have heard the news from GameStop regarding "Voluntary Early Redemption of Senior Notes" [2]. For anyone that's unsure, this means that they are repaying debts equivalent to $125mn voluntarily; as in they are not required to pay them back right now.

We already knew that GameStop reported $700mn+ in cash so this reaffirms that GameStop are able to use the cash for deleveraging as opposed to them being in a tight spot for cash, so to speak, during the pandemic. This is great news for a brick-and-mortar store (since half of Reddit wants to keep calling it that) considering the sheer number of funds that are about to flow through GameStop (as they have been on pre-orders and will continue for YEARS). I'm no longer concerned about the next earnings as the cost-cutting by Management has been ridiculous. GameStop WILL beat ER expectations.

The news of a vaccine does not negatively impact GameStop or GME stock, in my opinion. People aren't going to game any less than they were before lockdowns, simply because lockdowns are (allegedly) going to go away soon. Before covid was a thing, the gaming industry was continuing to explode as it as has been year on year. It's not gonna slow down any time soon. Not now. Not when Sony and Microsoft just blessed us the next generation of gaming consoles.

Also, short interest is down this time around but only by around 2 million shares. We still have about 68 million shares short. Any more big news and we'll be off 🚀🌚.

To recap:

-Burry/Cohen still inu/DeepFuckingValue still IN (big respects for 💎 hands) -institutions increasing their stakes in GME [3] -short interest still over 100% (insane, in itself) -new console cycle JUST started and it's going to last YEARS (GameStop bout to make bank and keep making bank) -debts have been reduced by $125mn -costs being reassessed and cut down regularly -MSFT deal -yada yada yada





TL;DR If you thing GameStop is going bust, idk for you fam. Quit while (you think) you're ahead. It may squeeze, it may not. But if you don't think it's gonna moon, think again.

I wonder I many times I said GameStop in this post.

Positions: GME shares

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