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German Broker bought GME shares at 65,88€?

Ok I know there has been some trouble at the splividend because some brokers were "dumb" and did a normal split creating an enormous amount of fake shares, (since the real dividend shares were all used up and brokers were fukt, and are now more fukd because) they were forced to redo it (and everything is collapsing at any moment now), there are many wrong buy in prices in german brokers like mine (DAB BNP)which says i bought my stocks for 57.28€.

I bought my gme shares at 31.46€ but the 57.28 are an average of which one quarter is priced as 31.46€ resulting to dividend shares bought at 65,88€.

My question is: did they buy those for that price? does that mean we will reach that in no time since the supply til that price should be gone?

or is that just a coincidence that the german brokers "fucked up all buy in prices", those clever bastards. they cannot hide now. this was their last move

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