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Gazprom Long Position

So I thought I am a Smart man when I bought a hand full of Gazprom in late February when the stock was on discount.

As it turned out a few days later there was a reason why it was so cheap…

So now I can’t trade or sell it since march, and as it turned also out I only owned ADR/GDRs.

New rulings in Russia doesn’t allow ADR/GDR anymore, so I need to change them into real stocks. Because of the war that’s not possible.

My broker now made the offer to trade the ADR 1:2 to a Russian bank without guarantees or sell them with a huge loss.

No risk, no fun?! I belong here, you know what I did.

Turns out it’s a long position now.

Submitted August 01, 2022 at 07:25PM by JayFai
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