From the guy that brought you PLUG power: PEIX via /r/wallstreetbets #stocks #wallstreetbets #investing

From the guy that brought you PLUG power: PEIX

Hello everyone, I recently read about this new stock PEIX. I am yet to take a position but would like to know all of your opinions.

Pacific Ethanol produces food, animal feed, renewable gasses and industrial alcohols

The stock is up 795% this year, but analysts consensus is that it should reach 16.50 in about a years time, and it has a strong buy consensus.

“Investors should note that management indicated that though the company has a firm visibility on pricing, specialty alcohol volumes delivered to customers could vary on a quarterly basis. Given that sanitizers are a key end-market for specialty alcohols, the stock has come under some pressure with positive COVID-19 vaccine related news. However, we believe demand for sanitizer products should remain elevated with increase in any economic activity in the near term. We believe the improved balance sheet and cash flow is allowing the company to make investments in areas of the business that have been previously overlooked, and may have been under-contributing as a result,”

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