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For Everyone Worried About The BBBY Call Tomorrow

Don't worry. Let me paint a picture for you:

In the middle of the call tomorrow Sue Grove introduces a surprise guest…Ryan Cohen. He returns and announces the sale of his shares was all part of his master plan. He's buying Buy Buy Baby for $10 billion and used the swing trade rule to pay off all of BBBYs debt.

That's not all. Bed Bath and Beyond has partnered up with Elon Musk to use Beyond technology to become the exclusive supplier for SpaceX. In light of this all shareholders will get $10,000 cash as a one time dividend.

Finally, the president of the NYSE comes on and ends the meeting by personally thanking all shareholders for exposing massive market manipulation and corruption. Everyone gets a solid gold medal signed by president Biden and a license to walk into any hedge fund and spank the manager right there in his office without consequence.

Shorting stocks is made illegal and all short sellers are deported to Siberia forcing them to cover. BBBY ends at $4000 per share.

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