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Food for thought for BABA callholders

An expansion of my earlier comment on the daily thread.

China Clampdown on Big Tech Puts

China Vows Escalation in Clampdown on Fintech's Dominance

China Issues 37 Directives in One Day to Cool a Wild Market

Nothing but measures by China to cool down the market right now via regulatory threats.

RIP 11/13 BABA callholders you guys are fuk, maybe a sliver of hope for 11/20 holders. If it continues to dump I'll probably load up on shares for long term. LEAPs may be the play here if it continues going down.

Alibaba singles day early earnings doesn't seem to soften the Hang Seng dump at all. Down -8.42% as we speak. The regulatory pressure is clearly overshadowing the Singles Day blowout.

Also take note the e-commerce earnings are offsetting their side gig cloud computing losses. It's better to closely monitor the news from China before your baba plays.

May not be something to really "buy the dip" on compared to your typical plays since there's a lack of confidence due to the massive clampdown by China. US BABA chart earlier kind of proved it.

Tread carefully comrades, seems like its going to be bearish this week. Or you could just go full retard and yolo on weekly calls.

Diamond handing 11/20 290c 🤢

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