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Following Covid 19 Hospitalizations

Now as we know, Donnie and the states could give a damn about how many people die, but historically, states close down as the number of hospitalizations approaches the capacity limit of hospitals. We know that the US is also in a third wave of covid cases, but still nowhere near the total capacity of hospitals. Luckily, the number of hospitalizations are also recorded, and there is a website with link ( that gives a pretty graph of hospitalizations seen below. Now, my idea is that as the state hospitalizations reach slightly higher than their all time peaks, states will be forced to close oncemore, and bears might reap tendies. As always, I am open to suggestions. I'm sure it cannot be this simple, as evidenced by SD and AZ below.

Submitted November 10, 2020 at 10:10PM by MaximumKnow
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