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Europe’s Energy Crisis: A long road ahead…

Check out my new analysis focusing on the energy market, and the repercussions on the European Union.

'From the weaponisation of economic policy, to the weaponisation of energy. The European Union and Russia find themselves in a precarious position. Although, as of recently, Putin appears to be the stronger player, the balance of power remains ambiguous. The only certainty is that if the conflict continues, the upcoming winter will be very challenging.'

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The real question for discussion/debate is whether Russia will manage to break the Western alliance by weaponising energy and forcing Europeans into a deal that breaks the continent's alignment with US led economic sanctions?

Ofcourse, the implications for financial markets are extreme, especially when considering how many utilities firms are on the brink of default (Germany's Uniper being the biggest so far). Additionally, there might be a massive speculative trade on oil prices if Russia proceeds with a hefty oil output cut (i.e., 5mn b/d cut)!

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