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ES big dawg bets

Suh homies.

Peep this dd for some sticky tends.

Short /ES. 3500 on Friday was an ez short.

Ya, the market soared to 3660 the day after. But if you didn't avg in at the absolute precipice, like the savant you plan on telling your 3rd cousin at thxgiving that you are, than fuck you anyway.

7 days straight green? 6.5 % gain in a week? Nearly 300 straight points without a 20 dollar pullback on the 6 hour or 1 day chart? Strong MACD crossover? 1 and 4 hour bars under 8 day ema? Basically all the positive news we could want and still a stale market? Blow off top candle around 7 am yesterday morning? Consistent rejections or the 3555 area?

This is gonna be a slow grind to 3200. But down we go.

Im short ES.

TL DR : I wasted four adderall channeling my innermost ©ha-Brad for this shit. Fuck you, I'm looking for counterarguments to a retest of the 3300 area on ES.

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