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End of the road for GainStop….

Let me start by saying fuck RC and the Apes; WallStreetBets will be here long after your $GME cult is dead….

Your leader, RC, was not present at the earnings call today and has been silent on Twitter. How very strange…. He is yet to comment on the $BBBY market manipulation/insider trading lawsuit. I initially thought the lawsuit did not have any merit, but after the CFO jumped off a fuckin skyscraper, just like in the movies, I realised the lawsuit is legit.

Your Lord shall be found guilty and will be forced to step down as Chairman from GainStop. When this happens, retail will rush for the exit and you will be left holding the bag yet again (because holding all the other bags just isn’t enough for you, it seems). Then, GainStop will continue haemorrhaging cash until it’s bankrupt….

Get out while you still can. You don’t owe Lord Rug Pull anything….

Blink twice if you are trapped in a cult….

Edit: I do not have any positions in $GME. I’m not touching that shit after RC committed market manipulation/insider trading….

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