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Empirical analysis of stocks vs options trading

TLDR: Incorporating stock purchases into your overall (gambling) investment moves removes the likelihood of 90%+ asset reductions.

Hola retards. Recently I've cross posted several intra-analytical (no pun intended) market break downs of stock investing. There's a consistent conclusion involving total investment lost (TIL) results and I'm here to share it with you.

Investing in individual assets results in the potential for your investment to decline anywhere from 10% to 98%; however, alternatively, investing in individual option contracts results in your investment strategy being hyper fixed on the expected un-realized gains of the selected 1:5 investment bet holding. In other words, options allow for you to time the market by reentering whilst price bottom is still in play, since you are required to re enter to re position your options that previously expired at zero balance. In short, options eliminate the need to time the dip. Best of luck. NFA

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