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**DKNG earnings**

Heavy on 11/20 47.50 and 50 calls.

CNBC's last segment right now was DKNG, earnings. They're saying it's a BUY and one of them is long. DISNEY just beat earnings. Disney just gave you insight to DKNG earnings tomorrow, major beat in ESPN sports.. Disney say a positive 591 million change in their stake with DKNG. but this is what's bothering me.

After hours, it's almost up 3.88% right now. CNBC stated that the CEO is scheduled for a live in interview on cnbc at 9am. Ceos don’t come on CNBC if the earnings are not good right? He must have something to say about the earnings (im assuming positive) or get must have good news?

What you fuckers think. We mooning or drilling tomorrow? Earnings are out at 7am, before market opens tomorrow.

god speed

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