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Did E-Trade just fuck me?

This morning I was not able to sell my BABA 270C 11/20

I got fucked over obviously because it did not allow me to sell or even see my position, both the bid and ask were at 0.00, until 9:32 (9:31:40 to be exact), by then the stock's call option has diminished a lot.

I created a trade inquiry, and they told me the reason why my bid and ask were both at 0 for the first minute and 40 seconds is because… get this…. NO ONE BOUGHT OR SOLD A 11/20 $270 BABA OPTION FOR THE FIRST MINUTE AND 40 SECONDS TODAY IN THE ENTIRE FUCKING MARKET and that's why there was no bid or ask for it. I find that to be actually impossible. What the actual fuck is going on here – There's no way this is correct right?

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