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Degenerate WSB Trader

What's up all you fucking Autists, Degenerates, and Lurkers???

Real Autism

I'm one of the truly faithful degenerates. Below is my story…

TLDR- I'm a degenerate gambler. Buy AMD 82.00C 11/14

I began the journey in college by gambling thousands of dollars on student loans on daily binary options. This of course was retarted and I lost close to 5k pretty quickly. I even chased losses by taken advances from my credit card. I stopped after I maxed one of my cards out.

After doing much more research and taking a couple years off, I got back into the game in March with a $10k dollar personal loan. After carefully placed medium risk trades everything went to hell with the virus. I quickly switched to puts only to chase too hard and got absolutely blown up. Account was wiped out.

I vowed I would be back.

In September with another loan and some savings I got back in with $4,500. This quickly went to 8k and I actually went to cash right before the big drop in early September. I got back in too early, and nearly got wiped out. Careful diligence and some luck saw my account go to nearly $10k just a few days ago when I placed a very risky trade with the vaccine news. The drop on Monday afternoon caught me, and again destroyed my account.

I'm a Degenerate with my account down now 75% in two days, and the panic I used to feel is only replaced by an urge to place an even risker trade to make up for it. Right now, all I really care about is AMD going to the moon tomorrow so I can make it all back and feel that good sweet dopamine rush before I'm back at it again.

If this somehow pays, I'll donate 5% of the gains to charity.

Position- AMD 82.00C 11/13 (28 Contracts)

Submitted November 13, 2020 at 01:22AM by WSBDegenerate69
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