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Crash coming, but not like your astrologers say.

I don’t have it in me to write up one those deranged essays you degenerates will gamble your lives away on, but I’ll toss my 2 cents in with what I see as the likely 2 ways this plays out from a high level.

Everyone’s suddenly a micro economics expert, but most of you are just parroting each other and we know how that goes around here. I’m no expert at anything, and I don’t care much about the micros when the macros never seem to change.

The FED simply has no tools this time around to contain inflation. It’ll be forced to turn the money machine back on (it never really stopped) and in time we’ll see inflation reflected in the markets with a crash up and the dollar simultaneously losing purchasing power. Something none of you seem to consider as a possibility. The only way to avoid it means tanking major foreign markets and that’ll lead to war. A big one. That’s the other likely outcome. Could see both play out in succession actually, but I’m leaning toward war.

Can’t put a date any of this, but we’re not talking a decade from now. Either way, here’s the play and tldr: Get land, grow food.

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