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Coronavirus is no longer a thing?

Watching all these politicians, “experts,” and of course lord of science Fauci present themselves to the world in there endless need for attention and I begin to notice a pattern. Before I get into that, I need you all to know that I don’t give a shit about whatever wack political or scientific (often the opposite of deduction by means of the scientific method) bullshit you believe.

Okay – so back to the pattern I observed. Firstly, 5 days for quarantine now? This was the “deadliest virus in human history,” according to some of those previously mentioned “experts.” Sounds more like they realized that this new variant isn’t that bad and herd immunity is the way to go at this point, so they are trying to make that a thing without admission of being right or wrong (probably wrong…) with guidance in the past.

Secondly, vaccine mandates have just been ruled unconstitutional in the private sector. So all those airlines and travel companies who fought it from the beginning didn’t have to fire those who didn’t conform. What does this mean for them? It means they still have the ability to operate at full capacity and even at an accelerated rate.

This brings me to my final point. The travel/vacation industry is ready to explode (especially with spring around the corner). I’m not here to tell you which stock to buy… just that you all should take a good look into these companies and get in now.

That is all…

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