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Consistent Traders Looking For Funding

Hi guys, I am very well connected within the financial industry and work for an individual who allocates funding to traders in the region of 6/7 figures relative to current portfolio value. Within this private portfolio I am a risk manager. Our portfolio currently only has traders who use algorithms however during a meeting today we were talking about diversification, I realised that consistent traders from forums with different trading philosophies would be a nice addition and add this diversification. There are certain conditions that need to be met –

  • You need to have a consistent portfolio of minimum 6 months. You can provide me with your FXBlue or MyFxBook link. If not available you can provide me with your MT4 investor password.
  • A range of 3% – 10% a month return on average.
  • A 6 month track record.
  • There will be a zoom call with my seniors where they will ask you to explain your strategy. (Most of the focus will be on risk, we won't ask for details on your technical analysis, our main focus is how a trader manages their risk and losses)
  • Performance fee is 25% to the trader and 75% to investor. (I understand that this doesn't sound high but the scaling opportunity here is massive)

This is an opportunity for CFD/FX traders. Once you have sent me a track record I will be able to present it to my seniors and get zoom call arranged. If interested or have any further questions, you can reach me at:


Thank you,

Baver Guvenc

Submitted September 08, 2022 at 10:59AM by _MakeMoves
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