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Considering investing in Water

Hey y'all, So recently Kamala Harris made some news because she said (rough quote here) "we've flight wars over oil, we will soon be fighting wars over water". And there's been conversations happening quite some time regarding water as a commodity, its being a limited resource (drinkable water, that is), etc.

I am curious whether there's any stock options (preferably available via Robinhood, i know i know but it's accessible for me) that's worth me researching into, that would probably be benefitting from a potential improved water business venture of sorts.

Or perhaps, companies we can invest in that aren't evil, but actually working in creating ways to make water more accessible and sustainable, like tech companies that are trying to discover new ways to make saltwater drinkable or something.

Submitted April 08, 2021 at 04:45AM by Raffy_Regulus
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