CLOV: Why this Surgeon invested everything into this health care company. via /r/wallstreetbets #stocks #wallstreetbets #investing

CLOV: Why this Surgeon invested everything into this health care company.

Hi everyone, I’m a new CLOV APE and a proud one.

Call me Dr. Ape!

I think this company is the best of both worlds (fundamentals and meme world)

Recent new data shows that Greenoaks shares are Class B, which will make this SI% at 99%??? Not sure if this is 100% accurate but if it is, we are going to skyrocket!

This stock is very manipulated. Hindenburg and shorts destroyed this stock a few months ago from 16 all the way down to 6! It’s finally getting back on its legs. Hit as high as 27-27 a few weeks ago with only a fraction of shorts covering. The shorts are once again at all time highs!


I saw this from another ape and asked to post it below:


  1. Extremely high SI (48%+), with this new info can be as high as 99%!
  2. The CEO and owners can’t sell until stock shares until CLOV hits above 30$ for an average of 90 days. Stock is currently at 12!
  3. Recently joined MCSI index and had a nice run up.
  4. ZERO DEBT, 700 million cash, unlike AMC, no risk of dilution!
  5. Available shares to short almost done: 250k as of this post and BORROWING rate going up currently 6.5%.
  6. They beat earnings last month but a great amount and are constantly expanding.
  7. Partnership with Walmart and many other great companies.

So many new apes taking positions! Let’s fuck Hindenburg and these shameless shorts!

CLOV to the MOON! (Always wanted to say that) lol

Submitted June 21, 2021 at 01:40AM by Dr_Diamondhands
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