$CLF Short Interest. . .and why it’s only a bonus to this UNDERVALUED TITAN of the Steel Industry via /r/wallstreetbets #stocks #wallstreetbets #investing

$CLF Short Interest. . .and why it’s only a bonus to this UNDERVALUED TITAN of the Steel Industry

From the steel daddy we know and love:

“ Check it out today compared to yesterday:

Short Volume

Borrow Rates




Ok, we all know $CLF is grossly undervalued based on fundamentals alone.

Look at what the institutional investors think, they agree with us!

Very highly ranked by institutional investors

Then we have the big hitters with ownership:


Take a look at this, these are the buyers, look who is playing both sides that is on the top of the Hit List:


Ok, so now I hope most of you know why we have seen the action we have on $CLF.

In past DD's and most recently in LG's revised guidance, we know that HRC will be averaging much more than is currently baked in:

The Company’s forecast includes the following expectations:

  • First-quarter 2021 adjusted EBITDA* of approximately $500 million
  • Second-quarter 2021 adjusted EBITDA* of approximately $1.2 billion
  • Full-year 2021 adjusted EBITDA* of approximately $3.5 billion

The full-year expectation is based on current contractual business and the assumption that the US HRC price averages $975 per net ton for the remainder of the year.


$975 per net ton!

Maybe, $975 per 6/10 of a ton.

My prediction is $1,200 minimum and remember, we will start to realize those profits in Q2 and especially Q3.

Why this company is being shorted is beyond lunacy, it's pure greed and they think they can hammer a boomer stock that no one cares about.

Until yesterday when it made the headlines as the NEW MEME stock.

Well, this stock is not a meme, its actually a fucking stud that is run by a bigger fucking stud named LG.

If you were going to bet on 5 CEO's today for me they would be:

Jeff Bezos

Tim Cook

Elon Musk

Lisa Su

Lourenco Goncalves

Why do I put LG in the pantheon of these titans?

Two reasons:

  1. They all know their business cold.
  2. They are all transformational leaders with vision.

If you don't know who LG is – take some time to read up on him and watch his YouTube videos.

He oozes strong leadership, knowledge and passion.

He's what I call a "foxhole guy", meaning if I went to war, I'd want him in my foxhole.

I'll leave it with the report that was released today from GLJ:



So, do you want to go chase dog shit companies that don't make money and are the flavor of the day or would you like to invest in a company that is making a shit ton of money, in an environment where the product they manufacture is in the highest demand we have seen in decades and there is not enough supply to quench the international thirst?


Do you want to go invest in a company that your kids buy shit like this:


. . .or any other dog shit meme of the day.

Wake up – there are too many of these meme stocks – this is not a $GME situation in regards to the meme's floating around.

They are dividing and conquering you.

You can try to time it and catch a falling knife, but these memes will burn most of you in the end.

It's your money, do with it as you please and I hope you make a lot.

I'm putting my money on a fucking thoroughbred in $CLF.

Have fun at the dog races, while $CLF wins the Kentucky Derby.

Good luck and do your own research. “

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