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CFVI Rumble (Lets get ready to RUMBLE)

I still feel like CFVI is going WILDLY unnoticed by retail, because "SPACS BAD!"…

What makes this better then any old boring SPAC merging with a company you've never heard of?

.. lets start with post-merger conditions.. 95% of share dilution will be under a 1 year lockup. (insiders/and PIPE). There's price target incentives at $15 and $17.50 (after the shares are paid out, the marketcap will have roughly a 1B bump up)..

From 2.4B marketcap at merger (@ $10 per share), to 3.6B with the added "bonus" shares.

The bonus shares for each price target need to hold for 20 days within a 30 day window (straight), to be paid out.

Rumble is experiencing MASSIVE month-month / yearly growth. (currently 78M monthly average users for the month of August)

As more and more creators look for safe haven from being YouTube banned (because of politics/science/etc), they take shelter at Rumble, the ONLY free-speech platform, that is professional and lets you speak openly (within the boundaries of the law).

Andrew Tate was recently banned off essentially ALL media platforms, (they all banded together and cancelled him), so he joined Rumble, and expressed why Rumble is important, and that everyone needs a company like Rumble to fight against Big-tech, so people can have their own opinions without being cancelled. He has asked everyone to rally together and Join Rumble, and create accounts there.

This has opened up the doors to entirely new demographic of user starting to join, and now with hints of Stevewilldoit/Nelk/Fullsend Being next up to join, due to cancellation.

More and more creators will start cross-posting their YouTube channels to Rumble, as just another source of revenue, whether they're cancelled or not. This will in turn spike the Monthly average users and ad revenue through the roof, and open the doors to more channels being cross-posted.

The company has a host of investors behind it, the most notable is Peter Thiel. This is his first media investment since Facebook.

Rumble will be entering the cloud service space in the next year or so, they're already expanding what they currently have. (Truth Social from TMTG) is currently running on their cloud service infrastructure, and in the next year or so Rumble will open the doors to be commercially available. They also have a payment processor that is free of big-tech, and are in talks of a web browser.

They are advertising as being the ONLY free-speech, anti-censorship media platform AND hosting infrastructure on the markets. which IMO will be MASSIVE. These niche companies will always be a standout, especially if they have non-stop rolling catalysts from big youtube creators joining the platform in the process.

Rumble is a real pillar in the free-speech sector. They're even suing Google currently for 2B+ in damages, for google routing search results to YouTube, rather then other (smaller) video platforms like Rumble. You can search for a Rumble video SPECIFICALLY on google and it will bring up a YouTube video. Which is illegally favoring their own businesses. Rumble has now entered a stage in the lawsuit where Google will have to provide how their algorithms work when searching for things, to ensure they aren't favoring their own businesses (which they clearly are).. This could be a MASSIVE discovery.

Rumble plans on taking Marketshare from:

YouTube/google, AWS, Azure, and they're releasing tiktok format videos.

With Trump, Andrew Tate, and a host of other notable creators likely to join, all backed by a free-speech driven CEO, this just screams "meme" status, but with real sentimental value.

I predict with the locked up float, retail hype, and whatever news they'll drop around merger time, that we see a run towards $50 (similar to BRCC or Lucid)

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