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Buy BBBY 🚀

We’ve seen a 25%+ increase in the past 5 days without the “August Update” that was promised during the July 14th shareholder meeting. We are all waiting on that update. If you don’t get in now you will miss out on a great opportunity to get in early. Once that update gets here and it’s released the price could go up 300% or maybe even further. It’s risky to wait on an opportunity when you have one staring you right in your face. Search r/bbby and do some digging. Look up Ryan Cohen and buy buy baby. And not to mention Ryan Cohen tends to post cryptic tweets. He hasn’t tweeted in 7 days and that usually means he’s putting in major work which could be tied to the “August Update”.

Submitted August 03, 2022 at 10:58PM by Tactical_mouse36
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