Brett Favre is indirectly ruining my trading account. via /r/wallstreetbets #stocks #wallstreetbets #investing

Brett Favre is indirectly ruining my trading account.

So it has been a rough last year or so in my trading account. Went from all winners in 2020 to can't get anything right since summer 2021. I've tried everything (except options): OTCs, bios, blue chips, cc, etc. Anyhoo, I decided to start selling off most of my risky positions and try to add more legitimate companies.

Enter $SNAP. Bought 1000 shares right off the bat around 12.50 after the earnings dip. Figured hey, finally a company I have fond memories of and seems to be trading at a great price. I remember my final year of college (2010) and sending Brett Favres to every girlfriend or potential piece in my life. He straight changed the game, and snap at the time was basically these quick like 2 second d pics. Would always use the cowboy hat emoji to cover my man piece. Well, I'm obv. down a few k already, which whatever, but just got a medical bill for 3k which would have been paid if I just didn't lose money lol

I suppose I may be a bit peanut butter and jealous that memes of other glory years companies have blasted off, even irrelevant stupid companies like BBBY. SNAP is being shorted to death and no1 seems to be supporting it at all. I just hope I didn't put 12k into the next MySpace!

I don't even like Wendys.

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