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Break the game, don’t play it.

not really about getting lucky. It's about beating the system and I don't think we really understand how close we are. If you're paper handing these trades you are the problem. Don't play the game, just buy up all you can and wait. Think about it more like Pokemon, if we get em all no one can buy, and the price to borrow against is ridiculous. It's about holding not just floating the shares to the next guy. Don't freak out if it's down, it's a share of what will be, but also the price tag now. One of those matters more. Buy. Hold. Maybe buy some more, but don't falter. WE THE APES WILL NOT BE POOR. BBBY 🚀 🌙

Submitted August 18, 2022 at 05:44AM by Takeapotato
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