Blown top on IC via /r/wallstreetbets #stocks #wallstreetbets #investing

Blown top on IC

Position: All SPY +1 – 363 Call – Nov. 25 -1 – 357 Call – Nov. 25 -1 – 357 Put – Nov. 25 +1 – 348 Put – Nov. 25 Iron Condor

Sold Beg. Of yesterday. Currently down 38.6% or $139

I realize the window was tight, but the time frame was also short. Did I get "Bulldozed picking up the penny?" I'm in a freeze lapse moment here, watching Futures skyrocket biting my nails wondering what my options are. I know, how did I end up here without everything thought out. The max loss is -$350, and I'm OK with that I guess, but, is there a way to stretch this out? Take my ball and go home? Cut my losses at open and pray for a fill on all four legs?? HELP!?

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