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BlackJack Dividends

 Waded through the stream of autism manifesting itself digitally last week. Found a post specifically on some positions I was holding. Made an actualized profit of 10%ish for the week utilizing OPs advice on $SQQQ and $UVXY. New found success let to some strong hubris. Bought my first options contract: an $ASTS 2.5 call with a 2/17/23 expiration. Could not help myself after almost doubling my paycheck for the week. Which leads to my problem I’ve been rambling about: How do I plan to re-invest my gains most effectively and protect against their greatest threat (My decision making skills and overall cognitive function). Solution : Transition a portion of my investment portfolio into a Blackjack fund. Let’s say a 5% weekly dividend from my investments into a dedicated BlackJack savings account. Once I hit my desired liquidity; time to go full send on a 3 day gambling bender. Have had two experiences with blackjack sessions at the casino. First was a 12,000% ROI, second was dead even cash wise. Which, to me, was still a win. Spent two days, courtesy of Mohegan sun. Had a ball, ate like a king, drank for free the whole time time and chain smoked while swapping large chunks of my net with with the casino. 

Conclusion: Can’t see how a personal blackjack dividend can go tits up. Would love to hear some input 🙃

TL&DR you’re better off, keep scrolling

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