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Blackberry’s patent value and overnight stock to $40

Blackberry today owns 38,000 patents in encryption, wireless, hardware phones, messaging.

JC at last conference call said he's in discussion to sell "MOST" of the patents…that equates to minimum of 20,000 patents.

  1. Aol sold 800 patents for $1.1billion (here) or $1.4 mil per patent
  2. kodak sold 1,100 patents for $500 million (here) or $500,000 per patent
  3. Motorola sold 7,500 patents for $4 bill (here) or $533,000 per patent
  4. nokia is around ~$700,000 per patent

We know that messaging and phone hardware patents are critical to following companies (google, fb, snap, twitter, apple, etc).

We also know 2,000 companies are infringing on blackberry patents (here). So whoever is the buyer of blackberry patent will have a choke hold on big US tech companies. WE know apple and fb has a fight going on….think game theory here folks.

So 20,000 patents at say lower end of average of $500,000 is $10,000,000,0000.
at higher end 20k patents for $1million is $20,000,000,000.

I think the patent porfolio will go between $12-$15 billion.

At $15 billion sale, that's $30 per share cash!! Add to current stock price we hit $40 overnight!!!

50 million share shorted of 250million retail float…we will hit $75 within few months of patent sale!!!

Blackberry Spark is the future cybersecurity platform for all iot (computers, phones, drones, trains, cars, traffic light, meters, smart cities)

QNX embedded for all iot devices.

Not a investment advice but just my due diligence and research on blackberry and patents.

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