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Bigger bets sub?

Hey fellas, a lot of people keep complaining about the sudden influx of 4 and 3 figure net worth individuals in here bragging about $300 gains. These people aren’t going away, and to be honest, sometimes it’s funny having them around plus any posts like DD (when it’s real) and memes can get more eyeballs.

My question is, would people be interested in a sub WSBs where you had to confirm to the moderators you had at least 25k in your account in order to join? This could be any number, 50 even, but that’s the daytrade minimum so I went with that. I miss loss porn that has 5 zeroes in it and that’s the kind of content that would be available there, and I also have a feeling the DD wouldn’t just be glorified pump and dump or bubble feeding. It’d still be a bunch of autists but at least these ones are putting their money where their mouths are when not consuming large amounts of Wendy’s that their wife’s boyfriend had lying around the basement. Open to ideas for the name as well.

While I’m here, obligatory PLTR to the moon reference.

EDIT: I’m only poor shaming a little.

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