Beware $BBBY shitposting from financial news outlets tomorrow via /r/wallstreetbets #stocks #wallstreetbets #investing

Beware $BBBY shitposting from financial news outlets tomorrow

Edit: Today

This should go without saying, but I’ll say it for all you paper handed fucks out there. Don’t read the headlines today. Read the press release for yourself. Listen to the announcement. Draw your own conclusions. Ignore the journalistic equivalent of shitposts from the likes of Yahoo Finance framing the announcement in a certain way to get non-apes to sell. For example:

“Meme stock BBBY teeters on the brink of bankruptcy as they announce store closings and layoffs.”

I’m not saying layoffs and store closings are a great thing. But they’re necessary for a company like BBBY that needs to cut costs and get their finances in order. It should boost the stock as layoffs tend to do. But there’s a very high chance that these lesbian dance theory majors writing finance articles are going to try to work the word “bankruptcy” into the headline no matter what. If the news seems marginal, they’re going to be working overtime to shitpost FUD into the ether. This should surprise no one. But short of BBBY going full Enron, there’s basically nothing that Yahoo could tell me that would make me sell my positions. Speaking of:

300 shares @~$9.70, $14c 9/2, $30c 10/21

TLDR: Read the announcement yourself and decide accordingly. Don’t be surprised by FUD articles on news that seems marginal.

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