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$BBBY: What is coming next week and why you will regret not buying it today

There are plenty of good posts outlining why you should be in $BBBY – In this one I'm simply addressing why you'll regret not going in as hard as you could today.

Point 1: Most Hedgies and funds haven't had time for their analysts to properly model this play yet.

What does this mean?

First, it means that they have a lot of potential capital to allocate or deallocate from BBBY. Why deallocate? Well, they could be short and come Monday morning they may decide to shrink their short position. Smart hedgies / funds won't only start to decrease their short position, but they will FLIP. This means they'll buy double. IE: If they're short 500 shares and they want to be long 500 shares it means they have to buy 1,000 shares. Understand?

Second, it means we will see a lot of big money firms start to make moves on BBBY next week after their analysts spend several hours this weekend trying to figure out the best way for them to profit / cut losses here.

Result? BBBY will trade higher on Monday than it's trading today.

Point 2: Not everyone on WSB has heard what is happening with BBBY. Not only that, but word of mouth will spread like fire over the weekend amongst friends / colleagues, frat boys, etc. They will all come ready to trade on Monday.

Point 3: Many people get paid on Friday (today) and over the weekend when they find out about BBBY, they will proceed to throw their paycheck at it to test the waters.

Point 4: There are some people here who are highly skeptical, when they see it touch $10 next week they will fomo into it (is it really fomo if it's still going to run though? You decide).

TLDR: Everyone buying yesterday / today are the OG's and their actions are already enough to bring in significantly more money next week.

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