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BBBY, two coins, money and war.

I will disclose right out of the gate I own both of these and I’m not leaving either. I have spent the day really thinking about BBBY and Party city and the sub as well as what we all want and what makes sense here. This is my best take on that.

My first question to you is why do you invest? Do you do it to gamble? Maybe you like fucking shorts? Or is this about getting rich and security financially? Hell all of the above.

There is a two sided coin here and I believe we can in fact flip both heads and tails if we play this smart. Let’s think about the reality of the situation.

BBBY has blown up so much shorts are ladder attacking and brokers are conspiring with fake media to tear you down. Look what they did to your boy after hours. You have reached the point it’s not a runner it’s a war but with that war comes with a lot of downsides. This is the 7th round of a heavyweight boxing fight and your scared and beat up a little bit but you know you can win. You can. It’s just not gonna be easy but I know you guys are determined and referring back to why you invest this is at the point of fuck the shorts. This is no longer a safe play don’t kid yourself you know that but the determination to win is there and with that energy I think you do win. Me included so hell yeah! Call heads and sure as rain it will

Now let’s look at something completely different, Party City. This isn’t the #1 fuck the hedgies play but it’s been more successfully than BBBY today and only 1% behind yesterday. There is no war here and to me that’s a good thing. The downward pressure and sabotage isn’t there and so it’s free as a bird. It’s been flying free getting massive volume with no backlash yet cause the eyes are on BBBY. This is the invest to make money side. There was a fantastic DD yesterday here and hopefully most saw it but here is some added info.

Currently trading at a crazy low multiple with 4 institutions who are often involved in low float pumps drastically increasing their positions.

Fund 1: Purchases 17,700 calls with 800 Puts for a hedge.

Fund 2: 162,000 share increased to 4,842,000

Fund 3: A 530% increase (This is the same fund that just bought prior to the $BBBY move).

Fund 4: A 2,871% increase in shares just reported. If I remember correctly it’s the same fund that partook in $AMC

If you call tails I promise you it will be.

There is war and there is money and with these two you have both. You have a runner that’ll maybe outperform with little downward pressure and you have a war with these fucks who don’t learn trying to hold down BBBY.

This is the exact reason I am and will continue to be in both. I like free money Party City and I like teaching dumb fucks not to fuck with retail $BBBY.

Buy both, hold both. Be a god.

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