$BBBY New 8k Just Now In Response To Media Inquiries re RC via /r/wallstreetbets #stocks #wallstreetbets #investing

$BBBY New 8k Just Now In Response To Media Inquiries re RC

BBBY just filed an 8k this morning (url below). This is very likely the closest they can legally get to say he does not plan to cash out right now as people have been reporting without actually saying it. RC very likely also had input on the statement – no way they would out it out without talking to him if they are mentioning him. He might very well be the one who pushed the filing…bullish.


Edit to simplify for apes: Companies file a form 8k whenever there is a material event that may be of interest to shareholders. That implies that the statement they have in the 8k is a material event to shareholders. The statement mentions, in its first sentence, that they are "pleased to have entered into an agreement with RC in March", which is not new news (it happend in March). In my opinion, it is the company "re-affirming" the agreement is still in place. The company nor RC can legally say he is not selling. The company can get sued for a bunch of shit and RC for market manipultion. That's as close as they can get. Hope that helps. Basically…very bullish imo.

TLDR: RC is not selling!

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