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BBBY endgame

To all the share(bag)holders of BBBY, at this point I believe everyone who is still holding the share are down like 60% or something, the stock is over and people should just treat the stock money as a loss. But. Theres no point in selling at this stage anymore, bbby isn’t going bankrupt, the lowest bbby can go is around ~$5, what’s the difference of loosing 60% and 62% if it goes down $1-$2 lol. The hedge funds needs to buy back the shares to make money, so if we just all hold we can at the very least stop them make money and maybe even cause a short squeeze.

In conclusion, bbby is almost at as low it can get, there’s no point for bag holders to sell now and because short sellers need to buy to make money, we should just hold, because there’s nothing that can be worse already.

Submitted September 08, 2022 at 05:51PM by Hyperion141
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