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BBBY – Cheap stock with high short interest?

I was randomly looking at come back retailers lately to invest in.

I encountered BBBY (Bed bath & beyond) and initially found out it was a meme’er not long ago so that initially made me assume it was overvalued. When I actually looked at the financial data I was quite surprised… although the most recent quarter was a disappointment in general the last year seems very supportive of their 3-year transition.

They bought back about 25% of outstanding shares, have reduced debt load, and started closing shit stores and transitioning the stores they intend to keep into new and clean set-ups.

So I decide to go to one, and holy shit it went from a cluttered ball of crap like Kohl’s to like an Apple store (obviously not as good as Apple store) but it was a great experience.

Long story short- I bought 200 shares and sold some puts for $15 in Jan 2023 at a $5 premium. That means I’m making 33% of my money in a year for the risk I’m taking to buy 100 shares at $15 a year from now.

It still has some significant short positions in it as well, is this anything anyone else is looking at to invest in?

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