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$BBBY bulls r fuq!

How many failed short squeezes has WSB attempted? $SNDL, $WISH, $BB, $CLOV, $PLTR, $CLNE, $SPCE to name a few. $BBBY won’t be any different. This ain’t the short squeeze you’re looking for. Simple reason: short interest only 41% according to Fintel. In comparison, GME’s short interest was well above 100%.

Also, given the significant broad market sell-off YTD, why not invest in quality companies at a good discount? Do you really need to baghold $BBBY along with all the other meme stonks you’re bagholding? Aren’t you still hurting from $PLTR?

I understand: you’re angry, you’re in pain, what you made last year you gave back this year. Regardless, there is no salvation, no hope, for you in $BBBY, only grief and worry.

So, what awaits us next week? July CPI report is released on Wednesday, on the backdrop of a strong Jobs report. If CPI shows inflation is still high – and it will – expect the market to price-in more rate hikes and, thus, a broad equity market sell-off. Do you really want to be bagholding a meme stonk during the next macro sell-off?

I rebuke you because I love you…. I only want the best for you….

Let this one go…. It’s not for you….


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