$BBBY… 💰💰I’m still holding💰💰 via /r/wallstreetbets #stocks #wallstreetbets #investing

$BBBY… 💰💰I’m still holding💰💰

I'm still holding my bags. Fuck you, I'll continue to hold.

\"I'm not fucking leaving\" until i see better valuation of $BBBY

For me the play for me was never a short squeeze, or merger bullshit. Icing on the cake yes, but not the real deal.

The play was a valuable company and subsidiaries being on a fire sale with a potential for a 180 business turn around and we got that.

The volatility right now is hedges shaking the tree and watching the paperhands fall out.

This company has a solid plan, solid financing, and solid cost savings in line. Stores are now getting packed with people (because buying on Amazon for most shit sucks), and if their turn around works out, which i believe it will. We will see a great holiday revenue beat.

Ask yourself this, why is a company that has 1.13billion in financing, cutting 20% of office workforce (trimming fat), ramping up BuyBuyBaby, creating a new rewards platform, closing 150 low producing stores, reduced capital spending from $400 million to $250 million (50%). worth less than $900million?

$5.1 billion in assets, $4.9 billion in liabilities.

Don't give a shit about 12million share dilution. This stock trades 120million shares round every day. Dilution on that kind of volume doesn't mean anything.

They have 12months to sell anything after an S-3 report They will wait until they kick ass and beat earnings during the holiday season.

When I heard the report, I just new it would work out still… just not the day trade kind of working out. Have you ever seen a company release this kind of info and crash normally. No when a company does layoffs you see their shares jump 5-10%… todays news was good, things are still going to work out.

This stock will go up. I can feel it in my plums

Also. I'm sick of the low level meme/discussion posts on $BBBY. It really is flooding WSB lately. Mods should clean this up by limiting the baby accounts, and low karma posters

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