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Bbbuy the dip

What a wild fucking day for us apes. Shit was going fantastic all day. I had Mountain Dews in both hands and watching the BBBY ticker for the majority of the day until my wife comes in and asks me to please do something other than watch my positions all day.

I tell her to leave me alone and tell her that I’m doing this for her and the kids. 12:40pm Pacific time rolls around and BBBY takes a shit hanging lower than RC’s shlong. I knew what I had to do in that moment. I accidentally spill my MD’s all over myself and my keyboard, run to my bike and peddle as fast as I can do the nearest fountain and grab as many nickels and dimes as I can hold in my pockets. At this point I am in a mall fountain fully clothed and covered in Mountain Dew and soaking wet.

Chase bank is across the street. I ditch the bike (my change was falling out when I peddled) and sprint over to the teller as fast as I can and deposit $18.92. I buy 1 more share right before it reached $19.

That’s how you fucking buy the dip. HODL or go broke 💎

Position: 2 BBBY shares

Submitted August 18, 2022 at 09:15AM by TheTraw
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