$BB : the next gamma squeeze😗😍⚱️ via /r/wallstreetbets #stocks #wallstreetbets #investing

$BB : the next gamma squeeze😗😍⚱️

Listen up Apes… if y’all look at the chart and momentum, $BB will be exactly the same as $GME & $AMC

So what ?

It took about 6 months for GME to reach its ATH starting from late 2020 to first couple months of 2021 !!!

$AMC : the first half year of 2021 was rough afk for $AMC.. now… $AMC surpassed $GME to be the most valuable meme stock in the history..

People’ve said: One goes up.. another one must go down !

Whats next , Apes ?

$BB .. if y’all couldn’t see the similarities between $BB and $GME/AMC moves, y’all would miss the money train once again .

Goodluck Apes.

Submitted June 21, 2021 at 02:22AM by Tommy_1102
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