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Are you still waiting for “the big crash”?

Have you not looked at the charts ya monkey? The market has crashed. It has already set some records.

People still belive in doomsday eh ?

What if I tell you that you have made horrible decisions in investment this whole time.

Ya okay, open your account. Tell me where did you suddenly become a stocks guru. You've made honest mistake listening to retards on here.

Now stop doing it, think differently.

Every time I open this page its the same old story. The bitter anarchist who lost allot of money following the crowd now tey to tell everyone the market will crash even more.

"The great reset" blablabla .

Meanwhile the rich buying the dips on indivual stocks and laughing at your sorry ass preparing for doomsday.

See you in 5 years punk. People can wait years for a stupid market crash to occur, while missing out on years of gains.

The crash occured. The reason why the administration do not want to call it a recession because they know they are about to be reversing course with new spending bills that have already passed.

The spending bill just saved Biden ass, Republicans are likely still to win the midterms and, if you think after the midterm any senator or house republican will speak of a recession you are on absolute crack. Once a new party takes over congress the optimism level rises, new promises are made and new spending is created.

The best time to invest in the stocks market historicaly is when the balance of power between the presidency and congress is split. It is exactly what is about to happen .

10% up or 10% down .

This is the bottom for the 5 year holders.

Every other loser who saw there account go to zero because they played risky options without any due diligence listening to everyone on here will tell you the world is ending sell everything. They are bitter, they have a 100$ left and they are hoping to buy it cheaper.

Its on discount enough already, humans kill to get a TV at 40% off during black Friday.

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