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anybody got any good Advice?

Hey guys I'm searching for advice on how to stay mentally strong while trading, have been trying to make trading into a career for a few years , I make plans and strategies and they work great on paper accounts , I'm a millionaire with fake money ( who isn't ) but it's like this, I save $500 a year put it in an account first week I grow the account to $700 and then boom ADHD wave of impulse of, oh shit this may work , down to $30 the next week , I know after years and thousands wasted I'm now worse of , so my question is , has anybody else conquered this, that could advise me , I really would love to make money before Xmas this year I'm sick of my family missing out has anyone got advice, I'd love a mentor but I cannot afford to pay anyone , I really need the break this low income trap please thank you

Submitted August 07, 2022 at 12:34AM by Imaginary-Tangelo841
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