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American Well – the IPO no one’s talking about

When you needed counseling after losing everything on the market, who did you go to? Don't lie, your wife doesn't talk to you. You went straight to American Well for virtual counseling. The stock has dipped back to 25 as people think Pfizer will scare covid away with a vaccine, but that won't stop AMWL.
Telehealth will last even after the virus and in many ways is superior to in person appointments. Elderly folks and people with anxiety will continue their virtual appointments. A counselor said they've been getting loads of clients recently and I think they are going to blow earnings in 2 days out of the water, so load up on some cheap calls and ride this IPO to the moon.

Positions:AMWL C $30 11/20/20 x 10AMWL C $30 6/18/20 x 10

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