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AMD to the MOOOOoooonnn!

Listen up bitches. I was bored pondering my thoughts and my wittle autistic brain started running wild. It got me thinking. AMD currently has a market cap of 90 bill and assuming they continue to dominate then they will most certainly replace Intel who has a market cap of double round 186. Assuming this I concur AMD will be roughly the same size as Intel in 5 years and be double what it is now giving it a stock price around 160. However assuming they continue to innovate they will sport a higher pe ratio. Intel has a pe of 10 while AMD currently holds at 100. Lets be bearish and assume AMD trades at a pe of 50 in 5 years. Given that multiple of 5 lets multiply that by 160 and bam! I have a price target of 800 for AMD by 2025. Does this math even make sense or am I just retarded?

Submitted November 10, 2020 at 11:56PM by p3arbear123
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