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amc retards

Ok retards, it’s me again. So I guess you miss my last post? I am a good person so here is the link.

You know in life there is thing thats isn’t logic but in the end logic always win. So as you can see in the little picture, this is the most no sense shit the market have ever seen. Also, as you can see in your robinhoodautistapp these two stocks have the same YTD performance. This my friend, is insane. We have a bankrupt company VS a company that continue to make tendies even with low attendees and will survive easily the Chinese virus.

The problems is MM know it, it’s just a matter of time before it let CNK shoot up in the universe. So I repeat CNK is FREE TENDIES, the problem is robinhood user THINK THAT AMC IS THE SAME SHIT AS CNK. Please my friend transfer all your cash, shares, call, whatever you have in AMC to CNK. Thanks in advance.

CNK 20c 4/21 30c 12/21 AMC bankruptcy??? 40c 4/21

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