AMC issues a preferred share split under new ticker – APE via /r/wallstreetbets

AMC issues a preferred share split under new ticker – APE

Lock and load retards. AMC is doubling its shares in a preferred short position. What does that mean? Hedgies are double deep and having to buy a share of the new ticker, designated APE, and will have 2 days to fill every order of an entirely new ticker.

EDIT 1: Well I’m a retard, so go figure I’d mess this up on my first go-round. There’s a reason I’m on here, after all.

With $APE, there will be a total of 516,820,595 individual shares to be distributed in a quantity coinciding with the count of the current float. If you own a legitimate share of $AMC, you will get a share of $APE. AA stated this is essentially going to function like a share count. Shorts will have to purchase and provide shares for each short they hold position in. They will have 2 days to do this from when $APE goes up, market makers will have 35 calendar days to cover because fuck you, they get 35 days. This is POTENTIALLY the same reason we haven’t seen much happening after the GME split – we haven’t reached the 35 day mark. This is also not inherent dilution because while $APE can be traded for a share of $AMC, that will have to happen only with the approval of shareholders at a future date. As of right now, $APE is its own ticker.

This is not financial advice. I don’t claim that any of this is factual or even remotely correct because I have 2 brain cells and you should do your own damn research. I’m sure I have continued to fuck this up somehow anyway. I’m not an expert. Like I said before: there’s a reason I’m here and not somewhere else.

I am also openly challenging u/Stylux to a bet if they aren’t too afraid. Terms will be stated and negotiated upon their response and potential acceptance to this bet.

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