Alright, listen up fellow basement dwellers. via /r/wallstreetbets #stocks #wallstreetbets #investing

Alright, listen up fellow basement dwellers.

I ve got the DD you all been waiting for.

I had an autist dream a while ago. In my dream i was sleeping, but i observed myself from a third person view. Anyway, lisa came to me in my sleep and whispered into my ears “your autism cannot be helped but your poverty can, so go ahead and buy the dip!”

I woke up little hesitant wasnt sure whether it was real or not, but then it occurred to me, this was a dream in a dream! Amd is creating inception! From this moment i knew amd is the most advanced tech known to mankind and i knew just the action to take! I went ahead and yoloed 80k onto amd cfds…. but then i realized i dont even this kind of money since im broke… It was clear that im still dreaming and this is when the dream fell apart.

I woke up for real.. but something was different.. the idea was planted deep in my subconscious to the point where i couldnt think of anything else. Only to go balls deep on amd…

Positions: Shares at 74.04, CFDs at 78.4.

Ill be adding more as my UK stimuluses roll in.

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