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All in buy??

I'm a newbie but I'd like to take major risk and possibly lose all of my money. Who else thinks now's the time to buy? I'm all cash gang right now and I sold all my profitable stonks Monday because I was expecting some market stupidity today after such a jump in the market over nothing really. I know just holding long term is good but I'm greedy as fuck and I want to get rich quick by being a cold hearted motherfucker. I trade with wells fargo which is retarded in itself so I can't place trades until my values settle (fuck this) I was thinking of going all in on PLTR if it dips lower or some more retarded green energy ETFs. Wut should I do? Wut do the Stonk gods think? I know this form is for experienced mofos and true idiots but I think this is the place to get the best retarded information so hopefully I can buy a mansion and rich people things sooner.

Submitted November 11, 2020 at 05:56AM by slagathor1425
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