A Warning to NIO, PLTR, XPEV, CRSR, and LI Holders via /r/wallstreetbets

A Warning to NIO, PLTR, XPEV, CRSR, and LI Holders

I'm sure you guys have been hearing a lot of this and I don't mean to beat a dead horse, but you guys need to consider something…

These are each of these asset's returns over the past month:

NIO: 89.35%,

PLTR: 82.41%,

XPEV: 174.67%,

CRSR: 64.75%,

LI: 99.79%

We all know that the idea of the game is to buy low and sell high… it goes without saying that each of these assets are ready to cool off a this point. The markets are barely moving up yet these stocks have rocketed to the moon in basically no time at all; it doesn't make sense.

Now I will ask you, don't you agree with me? Well guess what, If you do, you just failed the test. I lied about those returns, they were the monthly returns prior to today.

Here are the monthly returns including today's trading day:

NIO: 112.92%

PLTR: 111.46%

XPEV: 267.84%

CRSR: 85.13%

LI: 128.72%

If you agreed with me, you just threw out your one-way ticket to the fucking moon.

In summary, there is no such thing as the top, "buy low, sell high" is officially being replaced by "buy high, sell at the stratosphere." Stocks go up.

TLDR: The moon is still far away, just less far away than yesterday.

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